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Sell Your Designs

Add your design to hundreds of products

Open Your Own Store

And offer your designs or images to the world


To showcase their art to the World.

Social Institutions

Raising funds for a worthy cause.

Brands and Companies

Improve the image of your company and give it an identity.

Sports teams

Improve the image of your company and give it an identity.


Improve the image of your company and give it an identity.


Create t-shirts to promote your music.

Popular Stores


How it works?

Make money selling your designs online. Showcase your art to the world and see your creations printed on t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs and more. It's completely free you just need to open a shop with us and start making money from the first sale. We take care of everything, from printing to delivery; we guarantee the satisfaction of your buyers. Don’t worry about collecting your profit; you get it the first day of the month via the method you have chosen.

Why open a store with Idakoos?

You can offer your designs to the world and make money for each design sold, you always choose how much to earn. We give you the right tools to make your store.

Your design can be Printed on:
T-shirt - Men
Hoodie - Men
Hoodie - Women
Baby Bodysuit
T-shirt - Women
Bodysuit - Baby
Canvas Tote Bag
Print and Deco
Print and Deco
Print and Deco
Print and Deco


Does opening a store costs?

No. The service is free of charge.

On what products my designs can be printed?

Your designs can be printed on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tote bags, aprons, and more.

¿Do I lose copyright when my designs are uploaded?

No. You don’t lose the copyright for your designs. Your designs will always belong to you. When you delete them or even your store, all images will be permanently deleted from our servers too.

How to upload my design?

Login into your store, in the bottom part click on “Designs”, then on the left column open “New Design” where you can upload your creation.

In which format and resolution should I upload my design?

For best results when loading your design and look attractive you need to upload in PNG format with transparency, this ensures that the image of your design does not lose resolution.

How much time for my designs to be approved?

The design approval is given up to a maximum of 48 hours.

My design wasn’t approved, why?

If your design wasn’t approved it maybe for the following reasons:
Not excluding the terms of service and policies of our company.

My design was deleted from my store, why?

If your design was deleted is because it was found it violated our policies and / or terms of service. For example if you violate copyright, use of pornography or pedophilia, or any reason that violates the applicable laws.

How is payment generated?

Your profit is generated each time a customer buys one of your products; your earning is what you have decided upon uploading and configuring your design.

What payment method do you use?

Payment for your earnings is via PayPal or check.

In how much time the payment is made?

We calculate your earnings in the last days of the month, and generate payment on the first days of the next month.

How are my store and / or design promoted?

Your store and designs are promoted through our website, social media and newsletters. Remember that you must also promote your store on social networks and / or your blog.

Who is responsible for printing and delivery of products?

We handle printing and delivery.